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Download e Burning the BFW 3.x ISO

  • In this chapter we'll see:
  • Download ISO image of BFW 3.x
  • Burning ISO image of BFW 3.x in DVD or CD
    • InfraRecorder
    • ImgBurn
  • Burning ISO image of BFW 3.x in a memory flash - Unetbootin (Portable)

  • Before you proceed, please read System Requirements.

Download ISO image of BFW 3.x

  • - Download 32bits (pae): 32 bits over 4 to 64 GB of RAM: brazilfw-i586-pae.iso
    • “The PAE (Physical Address Extension), is an extension for 32-bit processors, present since the Pentium Pro, which adds additional 4-bit memory addressing, allowing the processor to be able to access up to 16 pages of 4 GB each, totaling 64 GB. Each program remains restricted to a maximum of 4 GB, but the system can allocate different pages for different applications, thus using all available memory. … “
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