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Welcome to Dokuwiki BrazilFW 3.x with the Webadmin in PHP!

This page is intended to be BrazilFW - Firewall and Router version 3.x User Manual.

This version is based on the Linux Kernel 4.1.5, developed by WoshMan - (Washington Rodrigues), and as collaborators, Peart - (Felipe) and Cmartin - (Cassiano Martin) in the first versions.

On next chapters, we'll explain how to setup your new BrazilFW system.

Good reading to all.


This is for the Dokuwiki BFW 3.x with Webadmin in PHP from version 3.0.259.

The “old” WikiMedia that referred to BFW up to version 3.0.258 was removed from the air because we no longer support BFW with webadmin in CGI.

We need help completing this Dokuwiki for BFW 3.x with Webadmin in PHP. Who can help in editing and improving this Dokuwiki please send an email to

Reginaldo Sousa Melo 2013/10/25 00:15

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